Declared a Historic Site, the best way to discover the town is by strolling through the narrow maze of streets in the Nazarí Quarter, which still conserve the original paving and are flanked by whitewashed houses with colourful flowerbeds. This Moorish flavour which impregnates the entire town contrasts with the nobility and ornamentation of the eighteenth-century manor houses.

Although it was founded by the Moors, numerous prehistoric remains have been unearthed in the area, such as those at La Veredilla Chasm and the La Manga Caves. Visitors to the Historical Museum of the Sierra de Cadiz can immerse themselves completely in the history of this mountain town.

Other relevant monuments are the Aznalmara Castle (13th-14th Centuries), the San Pedro Apóstol Parish Church, the Hermitages of El Calvario and San Blas, the Town Well, the Public Fountain and the Town Hall.


There are a wide range of hiking routes in the area around Benaocaz: hiking enthusiasts can walk along the Roman Road, still walkable, which connects ancient Ocuri with Lacílbula, or other routes such as Los Nacimientos, the ascent to El Cintillo, the Salto del Cabrero or the Buitreras de la Otrera.

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