Torre Alháquime

Torre Alháquime

As its name indicates, Torre Alháquime (the Tower of Alfaquín) dates back to the Muslin occupation, and was a key piece of the frontier between the Kingdom of Granada and the Castilian Kingdom. From the Nazarí Period, it retains remains of the walls of its medieval fortress, which circle the old quarter, as well as the Town Archway.

The town’s main monuments can be found in its maze of streets: the Nuestra Señora de la Antigua Parish Church and the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, situated in an emblematic square known by the name of “El Santo”.

This Historical Site also offers motoring aficionados two very popular events: the Subida a los Remedios car rally and an Enduro competition.

The Legendary Bandits

The history of the village of Torre Alháquime is linked to the phenomenon of “bandolerismo” (bandits or highwaymen), as there were many outlaws who wandered this land raiding and carrying out their exploits. A son of the legendary José María El Tempranillo was even born in the village. Visitors can stroll through these lands and enjoy its rivers and farmhouses, and run the risk of really being kidnapped by bandits.

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